Blue screen is always an unpleasant sight. Blue Screen of Death, precisely known as blue screen or BSOD is an error detected in the display of your Windows computer screen. It is also called a system crash. This happens when the operating system no longer works properly, as a result, it displays an error screen. BSOD is evident in almost all the version of Windows operating system. your computer screen turns blue when this error occurs, hence, the name, BlueScreen.

Causes and effects of Blue Screen Error:

Blue Screen is generally caused due to malfunctioning in the hardware such as faulty memory, overly heated parts, power supply problems. It also happens due to problem in the hardware driver software and poor level software running in the windows kernel. A blue screen is a big hindrance to the progress of your work. When you encounter ‘stop error’ message in your operating system, you restart your computer and end up losing all the unsaved data.

Some of the solutions to get rid of Blue Screen Issue:

  • Check your hard disk issues
  • Install the updated drivers
  • Check the memory problems
  • Install startup repair in your system

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