Gaming Laptop Over Heating Repair

A laptop is not a coffee mug that it will heat up every time we use it. The heating problem in the gaming laptop is the most occurring and the most annoying disturbance the gamers come across. Do you want to finish this issue once and for all? Congratulations! You have come to the right place for the solution. We provide permanent solutions for all the problems that occur in the laptop-beasts. You can reach us at our toll-free number +1-800-670-1724

What You Need To Know About Gaming Laptops:

Gaming laptops are all about bigger screens, higher Resolutions, powerful performance. An Intel Core i7 processor (especially the new full range of 8th gen Coffee Lake processors), 8 Gb RAM, stronger graphics cards with a high-performing motherboard consists all about a gaming laptop. The common problem that heavy gamers face is that, in spite of spending a good fortune on their computers, they still face the excessive heat after a heavy gaming session.

This is very dangerous for the computer as it may cause hardware failure and permanent damage to the laptop causing a burnt motherboard. It is only when the heating issue is checked that you may expect a long-lasting new-like gaming experience from your laptop.

How to Deal With Overheating:

Whenever your laptop seems hot, it doesn’t mean that it is due to overheating. It is when your laptop fan is always at full speed, and the applications stop working that we consider it as excess heating. The cause of overheating is insufficient cooling along with blocking off the exhaust ports, clogged up the fan or degenerated thermal heat. There are multiple ways to deal with overheating when you don’t have the technical skills to remove the parts and clean the grease yourself.

  •    You need to fix the internal cooling. You need to ensure the proper airflow which may have been disrupted by dust and dirt. You can use a mini vacuum cleaner to clean the fans, exhaust port, intake grills. You can also use a cotton ball dipped in alcohol to do the cleaning.
  •    You should keep the laptop on a hard and flat surface. An uneven surface like the lap or a pillow may block the laptop’s airflow.
  •    There are some cheap laptop coolers available in the market but choosing the right cooler may need some experts’ advice.
  •    The performance usage of the laptop needs to be supervised constantly which is often more useful than the hardware fixes. Reducing the brightness or performance density of the laptop may work.

If your laptop is still causing problems, then don’t stretch the issue any longer. Call us at +1-800-670-1724, and we will provide you with guidance on Gaming Laptop Over Heating Repair.

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